XenoDream Jux 3.901 Crack & Serial Key 2023 Full Latest

By | February 11, 2023

XenoDream Jux 3.301 Crack & Serial Key 2022

XenoDream Jux 3.901 Crack & Serial Key 2023 Full Latest

XenoDream Jux Crack is a 2D Julia and Mandelbrot set fractal explorer. It contains some formulas. It features lovely lighting and coloring effects. It’s simple to use. There is no scripting or a formula editor. Additionally, It allows users to create professional-looking results using some algorithms. By selecting each of the supported fractal formulas and previewing the outcome in Jux’s main window, you can learn more about them. So, XenoDream Software Jux gives you the option of choosing between Integer Powers, Real Powers, Trig and Log, and Chaotic, each with its subsections.

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XenoDream Jux Windows-MAC also includes some stunning colors and lighting effects that can elevate your project to new heights. You can also choose the maximum number of repeats, the zoom level, and the high and low bailout values. XenoDream Jux Download may also adjust the direction, elevation, and intensity of light sources by adding or removing them. For reflection and refraction, use panoramic or ordinary photos as environment maps. Potential, distance estimation, mean z, basins, textures, fibers, and field lines were all used to color the image.

Key Features:

  • Batch rendering (when registered)
  • Numeric controls can be dragged like sliders
  • 12 steps of undo/redo
  • Adjust color and lighting controls with a real-time preview
  • Powerful heightfield lighting effects
  • Fully multi-core for preview, explorer, and rendering
  • Render large pictures with full anti-aliasing (when registered)
  • Easy switching between Mandelbrot and Julia sets
  • A selection of formulas, mostly generic with parameters
  • Additionally, Hundreds of system presets included
  • One-click switching between 15 default color schemes
  • Julia explorer shows Julia set thumbnail corresponding to mouse position in preview
  • Gradient editor that includes tools to capture linear or randomized gradients
  • Also, Easily share parameters on social media, by copy-paste to the clipboard
  • Memory spots for the temporary storage of formulas, coloring, or lighting.
  • Save your favorite settings as presets (formulas, coloring, lighting, gradients)
  • Coloring based on potential, distance estimate, mean z, basins, textures, fibers, field lines
  • Materials that can include reflection, refraction, angular filtering, and displacement mapping
  • Also, Use panoramic or ordinary images as environment maps for reflection and refraction.

What’s New:

Main window

  • Jux now accepts extra command line parameters for external batch rendering.
  • Added buttons to Show/Hide the In Set, Exterior, and Interior regions. Hidden regions are plain black.
  • Pressing Ctrl-S automatically saves the parameter file with the format ‘Jux_date_time_formula_Julia/Mandel’. The formula and mode are optional, with a setting in Preferences.
  • Added a Preview Center Lines button to show center lines in the preview. The Julia explorer no longer shows Julia center lines by itself.

Formula tab

  • Added the Powerwarp, Cubic Rational #3, Hermania, and Humanity formulas in the Integer Powers category.
  • Added Julia set, Mandel set, and Loops shapes in Orbit Traps.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the formula did not reset the choice of critical points and the Use Same option, which could result in the new formula not giving correct results.
  • XenoDream Jux Crack Added the Logoz formula in the Trig and Log category.
  • Also, Fixed a bug in the complex SinH function where it was badly wrong, resulting in the SineShine formula and the Sinoration formula with the Sinh option being completely wrong and distorted in places.
  • Added a Log Inv curve for Interior and Exterior base coloring.
  • Fixed a bug where the Use Same option did not display when the Interior auto was No but the option was set to Yes.
  • Fixed a bug since v2.8 where if the preview finished too fast it did not update the highest iterations label and would not respond to changing max iterations.

Coloring tab

  • Increased the maximum value of the Offset control for gradients to 1.999, as the old limit didn’t cover the full range when not set to Wrap.
  • Added a faceted Octagon pattern in the Exterior, Interior, Field Lines, and Orbit Trap textures.
  • Added a faceted Hexcrystal pattern in the Interior and Orbit Trap textures.
  • Interior distance for Mandelbrot now uses a different method, that is correct and generally smooth.
  • Also, Increased the maximum cycle detection from 160 to 960, which affects interior coloring for Julia and Mandelbrot.

Lighting tab

  • Added Noise controls for Rotate, Rotate Octaves, and Ratio.
  • Added a Specular % control and made it independent of Diffuse %.
  • Increased the maximum value of Diffuse Color and Metallic controls to 300, allowing for increased contrast.
  • Added a Falloff control for diffuse light.
  • Also, Added Diffuse Gradient Mode and Specular Gradient Mode controls, to include options for Per Light and Energy.

Render window

  • In the Recent Sizes dropdown list, you can now delete unwanted sizes with the Delete key.
  • XenoDream Jux Crack Added a button to Render With Alpha Mask for hidden regions, for saving in PNG or PSD format with alpha masking.
  • Pressing Ctrl-S opens the Save Picture dialog. If the parameters have not already been saved, they are first saved with automatic naming.
  • When Batch Rendering, the window title now includes the image number and batch count, eg ‘Jux Batch Rendering 2/7: file. up.
  • Fixed a bug in Batch Render, where the batch log file showed the current image size before starting the batch, which could be different from the size set for the batch.

System Requirements for XenoDream Jux

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor

How To Crack?

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